Let's start with a humble truth: everything big was small once. Make that two truths: not everything small will be big. Because 'small' needs nursing and nurturing to become 'big'. Simply put, growth is the key for this transformation.

Launching a brand comes with a load of risks, if not handled professionally in a disciplined and structured manner. The operation costs huge sums and hence it is vital to get the entire process right from the very beginning.

Brand Launch Centre (BLC) is a specialist in launching brands. Its expertise covers brand launches, re-launch of existing brands, revitalising stagnant brands and complete re-branding of existing brands.


It would interest you to know that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) provide employment for half the nation. They also contribute close to half our GDP. Surprisingly, this sector grows at a steady 10% every year. And yes, SMEs in Tier-2 cities are growing faster than those in Tier-1 cities.

While most of these businesses are good at doing business, many falter at the task of running different functions. For instance, marketing, branding, understanding customers and customer acquisition. Then, there's HR, IT, legal and financial services. Add to that the limited infrastructure in Tier-2 cities. And there you have a brand with huge potential but no resource to sustain itself or grow.


Seagull is Pune's most respected and awarded communication agency. And we have been building brands for over 2 decades now. Having already built close to 100 SME brands since 1996, Seagull, now as Seagull Brand Launch Centre, aims to multiply the impact of positive branding. Seagull BLC is working towards creating specialised ‘Brand Growth Campuses’ that serve as a region’s dedicated hub focused on helping SMEs and start-ups achieve their full potential by adopting a willingness to create a strong marketing culture in their organisation.